Using daily movement to affect positive change

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Katie Heggtveit Bootcamps for Change
My vision is to improve the lives of those we serve by creating weekly in-shelter fitness programming and educational workshops for all youth experiencing homelessness. PHOTO: ImageCollab

Katie Heggtveit, founder of Bootcamps for Change, in Toronto, Canada founded her organization in August 2018 after working at a foundation for homeless youth in 2017 where she learned of a shelter whose fitness and wellness access had been cut due to a lack of funding. As someone whose own physical and mental health was greatly impacted by fitness, Katie understands the impact of movement on physical and mental well-being and was inspired to reach out, offer help and facilitate her own in-shelter fitness and sports rehabilitation programs.

“I didn’t want to depend on another organization to start or a fund to appear so I became a certified group fitness instructor and a week later, I was volunteering with Horizons for Youth, teaching weekly group fitness classes. Bootcamps for Change was inspired by this experience, by the connections formed with the youth I met in the shelter and by the way something as basic as daily movement can affect positive change,” she says.

Katie’s interests include the relationship between human health and the global nexus of food, nutrition, and sustainability. She's has shared her passions as a TEDx speaker and facilitator of workshops for thousands of high-school an