Sydney's affordable housing ideas competition could change world housing

Seven entrants have been shortlisted in the City of Sydney Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge which aims to bring global attention to the issue of increasing alternative and affordable housing supply across the city. About 230 people entered the international competition which was open from April to May 2019 to anyone interested in innovation in the housing sector.

What did entrants need to do?

Candidates needed to show innovative housing ideas in at least two areas of either planning, design, ownership, tenancy, management, construction, urban land supply or financing. The challenge saw everyone from property professionals ro planners, designers, researchers and students give ideas. An independent jury selected the seven shortlisted proposals.

They will receive funding to further develop their idea over the next five months. This could help shape Sydney and the world’s approach to housing in future. The shortlisted candidates used housing approaches including new design and delivery methods, innovative financing and ownership options, creative use of space, smart data systems and pop-up housing in unused buildings.