Strengthen your health during Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month but with lockdown restrictions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise and maintain optimal health practices. Global Employee Health and Fitness Month aims to achieve a more physically active and healthier population one healthy moment at a time. These are some way to stay healthy in lockdown. Keep active and exercise If you’re staying home, take care of yourself through exercise and movement as part of your daily routine. Exercise is a powerful way to improve both physical and mental health. When we exercise our brain releases chemicals that help us better manage stress and anxiety. There are many ways to exercise at home that don’t need equipment and are free. Try walking, stretching, dancing, yoga or join an online exercise class.

Try meaningful activities Meaningful activities you enjoy can help you relax, so you may want to try these ideas:

* Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Many public library websites offer free audiobooks. You can even start a virtual book club, agreeing on free books to read, chatting about them and exchanging recommendations.

* Interested in where your family originates from? Trace your family tree to unearth lost memories or even distant relatives. By learning about genealogy, you can discover more about your background.

* Take a basic first aid course online free. It’s good to be prepared for any emergency, especially when you may not want to go to an overcrowded urgent care centre to heal a minor injury.

* Find out more about nutrition and how food affects your body, health and mood to make better decisions on wellbeing and to use food in