New chair of Peacebuilding Commission outlines priorities for 2020

The first Peacebuilding Commission session of 2020 was held on 29 January 2020 where delegates exchanged views on the organisation’s work plan. PHOTO: Image Collab

Marc-André Blanchard, of Canada, chairperson of the Sierra Leone configuration of the United Nation's (UN) Peacebuilding Commission, was elected as chairperson of the Peacebuilding Commission 2020 session, where he laid out priorities for 2020, on 29 January. Delegates exchanged views on the Peacebuilding Commission’s work plan covering the need for a ‘quantum leap’ of support to the Peacebuilding Fund and the importance of expanding partnerships in 2020.

“The commission is the only UN body mandated to bring all parts of the UN system together to address risks of conflict. Priorities include providing support to interested member states, at the risk of lapsing or relapsing into conflict, and strengthening the commission’s role in advising the Security Council on mandates, reconfigurations, drawdowns and transitions,” said the chairperson.

Blanchard said other priorities include deepening the commission’s links with the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund and regional development banks. He said this is to ensure macroeconomic risks, fiscal and economic priorities, and the livelihood needs of populations affected by conflict, are better integrated into the UN’s decision-making.