National Creativity Championship to take place in Nigeria in December

The National Creativity Championship from 19 to 21 November aims to unveil creative talents and generate new creative leadership in Nigeria and beyond its' borders annually. Photo: Image Collab

The National Creativity Championship, a creative showcase to recognize, inspire, empower and promote emerging creative artists and organizations, will showcase the talents of individuals from 10 orphanages across Abuju from 19 to 21 December in Nigeria. The arts that will be exhibited at Calypso Garden and Park in Wuse Abuja, Nigeria include speaking, dancing, writing, singing, cinematography, photography and information technology development.

Emmanuel Morah, founder of the Emmanuel Morah Foundation, says the National Creativity Championship aims to unveil creative talents and generate new creative leadership in Nigeria and beyond its' borders annually. He says the foundation wants to ensure that young creative minds have the needed platform for growth and the official launch event will take place on 21 December 2019 and the.

“We aim to identify, gather, move and activate individuals and organizations in the spheres of education, entertainment, entrepreneurship and environmental sectors. The National Creativity Championship is designed to add to the creativity of the nation and innovation areas in everyone’s lives to let creativity build so it can be used to effectively grow and build individual’s and organization’s brands.

Morah says through this event, the foundation wants to add value to individuals who have creative aspirations through their ‘4E Programme’ which refers to Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. He adds that creative individuals, non-profit organizations, foundations and corporate organizations are invited to attend the National Creativity Championship to encourage young and old to take up creative initiatives to grow and celebrate creativity in Nigeria.

“We call for collaboration, support and delegation from seasoned social developers, society and organizations to make the National Creativity Championship 2019 a memorable experience for less privileged youth,” says Morah. For collaborations, partnership and support, contact or call +2348068751574.

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