Innovative ways to teach financial literacy

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The Monopoly app is available for free download on all mobile app markets and can be implemented into coursework. PHOTO: ImageCollab

For the first time in modern history, learning has gone virtual and while teachers experiment to find what works in a virtual classroom, everyone needs to be flexible to change if technology does not work as planned. While recurring off-course moments may lead to setbacks, teachers can make up for lost time with creative lessons on important topics such as financial literacy which may be more productive.

Demetrius Harrison, business and education journalist, says these are some great ways to teach students about finances:

Play traditional money games virtually

Harrison says Investopedia, a website providing investing and finance education, has found a few lessons to be learned about economics and investing from Monopoly, while, a website providing advice about money, has found ways Monopoly can