How some countries are saving water

Image Collab: Leo Rivas

By now most of us know saving water is key to our survival in future. This is escalating in importance as the years go by with the population increasing and water supplies decreasing. Many countries are working to prevent this disaster. Here's what some countries are doing:

Saudi Arabia, due to its location, has been a true innovator in desalination techniques making the highest production of water that has been filtered to remove salts and minerals.

Singapore is using acoustic sound technology to detect leaks in city water pipes. Sound detection devices locate leaks by characterizing and differentiating between leak sounds. Smaller leaks produce a higher-frequency sound and larger leaks a lower frequency sound.

In 2008 China improved agricultural practices on 250 000 farms creating more efficient drainage and irrigation sprinklers and wells, soil and environmental monitoring, ground leveling support and institutionalized water and soil conservation practices.

The UK is a leader in water metering technology which en