Hong Kong event to showcase purpose-driven business success

Patricia Dwyer, founder of The Purpose Business, and John Wood, founder of Room to Read, will speak at the Global Wellness Summit in Hong Kong in October. Photo: Supplied & Jason Leung Collab

The 13th Global Wellness Summit which brings together industry leaders to shape the future of the global wellness economy will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from 15 to 17 October 2019. At this year’s gathering the world’s top corporate strategy consultants and speakers on emerging business and wellness trends will explore how purpose needs to be at the heart of corporate culture and how it is the future of wellness at work.

This event is held annually in locations across the globe and has previously taken place in Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, the USA, India, Morocco, Mexico, Austria and Italy. Attendees of the summit will discuss how injecting purpose and meaning into work often gets overlooked and the widespread misconception that ‘purpose’ is only for do good nonprofits. In addition, they will look at how purpose-driven companies attract and retain the best employees and are far more profitable, productive and successful businesses.

Who will be at the summit?