German teen empowers African women

Anna Pertl, 17 year old teen from Germany, created One Woman One Garden to feed and empower the women of Burkino Faso. Photo: Supplied

One teen making an impact to help with basic needs of food, water and empowering women is 17 year old Anna Pertl of Germany. She created the project One Woman One Garden so women in Burkina Faso can grow vegetable gardens as a source of food and income.

From an early age Anna visited Burkina Faso in West Africa every year to support her parents’ charity. During a visit when she was 15 years old, she started to fully realize the country’s extreme poverty.

"Something that stood out to me was the lack of agriculture during the dry season. I also noticed that women were considered inferior to men in the social hierarchy and had few options to support themselves," she says.

Anna says she remembered thinking how the lack of food production had to be detrimental to a country already facing extreme poverty. She also wondered why family vegetable gardens didn't exist in an area plagued by malnutrition since they are common in rural Europe.