Empowering vulnerable individuals to rebuild their lives

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Nadia Alawa NuDay
Nadia started fundraising for Syria while in the USA soon after the Syrian revolution broke out in March 2011. PHOTO: ImageCollab

Nadia Alawa is the founder of NuDay, an international relief organization providing humanitarian assistance and aid for people experiencing humanitarian crises worldwide with a focus on Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. This female empowerment advocate says she is inspired daily by her team, donors and volunteers and believes in the power of local community, especially when it comes to humanitarian work.

NuDay has secured aid for over 6 million people affected by the Syrian crisis and provides long-term socio-economic and educational programming through public donations and funding. Since the start of the Syrian revolution, the organization has shipped millions of dollars worth of clothes, medicine and food to displaced families in Syria.

NuDay carries out a range of projects for people affected by the crisis in Syria such as building wells for those without access to clean water, educational facilities for people in need of schools, medical support for hospitals that have had countless attacks a