Donate that brain to research to get closer to curing neuro diseases

Both healthy brains and brains with disease are needed for research to identify changes related to disease and to those associated with normal ageing. Image: LISADEWBERRY

Bernice Williams, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada wants to make more people aware of the option of donating the brain for medical research purposes and to make it easier to choose this option, in honour of her dad who passed away from Alzheimer's disease. Bernice has created an awareness campaign called 'No Brainer' to encourage her provincial government to create an option on the form, when people sign for their organ donor cards, to enable individuals to choose to donate their brain for medical research purposes.

"Currently, it seems the focus is on donation of organs for transplant but donating organs for research is just as important. I aim to make it easier for individuals to donate their brains for research and for families to donate their loved one's brains for research. If the check box was on the form when you sign up for your organ donor card, more people would be aware of this option. I believe the ans