Discussions on food and agricultural trade to end global hunger held

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Trade is a powerful tool and there are ways to put that power to use. PHOTO: ImageCollab

An event to discuss the importance of food and agricultural trade for ending global hunger, to identify critical trade-offs associated with different policy measures and possible priorities for action was held on 7 December. QU Dongyu, director-general at FAO, said in his keynote remarks we are only nine seasons away from 2030, alluding to Sustainable Development Goal 2 of ending hunger by 2030, at the event by the FAO Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP). "Trade is a powerful tool and there are ways to put that power to use which include avoiding raising trade barriers especially in periods of crisis, formulating coherent and aligned policies to address trade-offs and harnessing the power of digital solutions and innovation. Innovation can solve contradictions that affect the dynamics of any single commodity. Coherent, complementary production systems are the key to agri-food system transformation," said Dongyu. The CCP, FAO's oldest technical committee established in 1949, tracks agricultural commodity markets and related policy issues. It consists of 110 members of the FAO along with observers, tasked with reviewing commodity problems of an international character affecting production, trade, distribution and consumption and suggesting policy opt