Coalition calls for an end to corruption and poverty

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

C-19 People’s Coalition
In the context of COVID-19, government has been too slow with solutions and has failed to protect the most vulnerable with the number of households with hunger doubling. PHOTO: ImageCollab

The C-19 People’s Coalition were in full support of the spirit and demands of South Africa’s national strike on 7 October saying the reasons are indisputable. South Africa, even before the COVID-19 crisis was already becoming poorer with a quarter of the people suffering from extreme poverty and a collective expression of people’s indignation is long overdue.

The coalition says the national strike must be the start of a fight to empower people in their own government to put the people before profits, to end the malaise and revive the world-historic promise of South Africa’s liberation project. They say government presided over one of the highest levels of unemployment and the most unequal society in the world.

“A deep epidemic of corruption has eroded the character of South Africa’s politics, crippled public administrations and enabled annual corporate theft of tens of billions of rands into offshore tax havens. In the con