855 million trees promised towards trillion trees movement

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Companies, cities and organizations across the United States (US) announced on 27 August they will help combat extreme heat, wildfires and adverse effects of climate change by conserving, restoring and growing more than 855 million trees. Healthy, resilient forests are a critical nature-based solution for the climate crisis and pledges already made by 26 US-based organizations mark the launch of the first regional chapter of, the global trillion trees movement, in the US.

Jad Daley, president and chief executive officer of American Forests, non-profit conservation organization, says studies show trees can reduce temperatures by four to five degrees celsius and energy costs by $7.8 billion a year. He says when forests are managed properly by for example, planting specially-selected tree species in burned areas and using novel planting techniques for resilience to future wildfires, the chance of extreme wildfires occurring also decreases dramatically.

Pledges show advancement in conservation, restoration and reforestation goals within the US and internationally, a significant effort towards the trillion trees goal, covering an area of 2.8 million acres. As independent and non-partisan institutions, they are supported by the US Stakeholder Council, a bipartisan group of senior-level representatives from government, business, civil society and academia who are informing the strategic direction of the initiative.

“The US Chapter launches at a perfect time, uniting diverse organizations and people working for a trillion trees so they can do more and do it better, working together. It aligns with the trillion trees movement quickly building in the US, including bi-partisan congressional support for historic forest conservation legislation, new